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Wilton Benitez

Wilton Benitez

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If you could infuse the future, what would it taste like? What would friendship, commitment and trust taste like?

Here we offer more than just coffee. We're offering you a green leap forward, a springboard to the future, our future.

PRODUCER: Wilton Benitez

COUNTRY: Colombia

REGION: Finca La Macarena, Cauca

ALTITUDE: 2100 m

VARIETY: Castillo


Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, dried stone fruits, sugar cane

FOB: 4.2$ USD/Lbs

Quantity purchased:  7,200 kg

Our collaboration with Macarena is back at last. Once again this year, these two adopted Montrealers have brought us an exceptional coffee.

We're proud to be associated with them again. You can enjoy Wilton's coffee all year round, without interruption. Bon café!


Bon café.

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