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Don Alfredo

Don Alfredo

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Drinking coffee means meeting people. It's hearing someone's voice, seeing their face, touching their hands.

This is not just a coffee. It's a journey, a meeting, a long conversation. This is sunshine, warmth, love.

It's us, it's you. It's them too, the people who make it all possible. The distance separates us, but the coffee brings us closer, a little more with each sip.

Thank you Don Alfredo, your coffee is magnificent.

Producer: Don Alfredo Diaz

Country: Dominican Republic

Region: Nuevo Mundo, Jarabacoa, Sierra Central

Altitude: 1400 - 1500 m

Variety Typica, Caturra

Process: Washed

Tasting notes: Truffles, Cortland apple, gingerbread

FOB: 4.6$ USD/Lbs

Quantity purchased: 360 kg

We met Don Alfredo by chance during a trip. Very resistant to our presence at first, he gradually opened up to us as the conversation progressed. What a man! What a meeting! During our 3-hour visit, he shared his love of coffee with us, and we hope to honour him by offering it to you.

Don Alfredo is one of the most interesting people we've ever met. He's a goldmine of knowledge about agriculture and the coffee market. Here we offer you one of his most "mainstream" coffees, but Alfredo has a few surprises in store for the rest of the year. Expect to see his name on the menu again, we're just dying to know what he's up to!

Bon café.

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