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COMPETITION Gesha + SL28 by Don Mariano

COMPETITION Gesha + SL28 by Don Mariano

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This year, Lyanna, our production roaster, did us the honor of asking us to accompany them in the Barista Championship. Of course, we said yes instantly!

So, for a second year, we're proud to present Don Mariano's naturally dried Gesha and SL28 blend. If you thought it was good last year, wait until you taste it this year, your taste buds just aren't ready! It's sweet, it's fruity, it's overly tasty, but oddly enough it's still very elegant and easy to drink. It's a coffee of exceptional quality, and came 6th in Costa Rica's "cup of excellence".

Quantities are very, very limited, so don't sleep on it, it's going to fly!

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Finca la Esperanza, Tarrazu

Altitude: 1900 m

Variety: Gesha + SL28

Process: Natural

Tasting notes: Bleuberries, grape juice, Chardonnay, mango

FOB: 18$ USD/Lbs

Quantity purchased: 46 kg

We're so proud of Lyanna. In addition to being an outstanding barista, they have been roasting our coffee for over a year. We've watched them blossom before our very eyes, and we couldn't be happier to accompany them on their competitive adventure. It's a demanding and stressful process, to say the least, but we know they'll defend our colors with flying colors. Please join us in wishing them the best of luck (even if they dont need it!).

Don Mariano is a producer with a great deal of experience, and it shows in coffees like this. Taking native African varieties (Ethiopia for Gesha and Kenya for SL28) and growing them with such skill on another continent is as much an artistry as it is a science. Then choosing to combine them to multiply their respective qualities tenfold is nothing short of genius.

Seb, Anna, thank you for offering us this coffee. Gracias amigos!

Bon café.

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