For JUNGLE, the V60 is the ideal method for making the silkiest, tastiest filter coffee possible. It's an economical method that requires little time, but proper execution. It's this ritual that makes the V60 so popular with specialty coffee lovers. Once you've mastered the method, it can easily become your daily routine.

So here's how to make a great V60 in our opinion.

You'll need..:

  • JUNGLE coffee
  • Hario v60 02 cone and filter
  • Coffee grinder
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Scale
  • Dial / stopwatch
  • Decanter or any 500ml container, ideally glass

Extraction guide:
Produces 2 small cups (or one very large one for Monday mornings)
Grind: medium
Extraction time - 3:15 minutes
Water temperature - 96 degrees Celsius
Coffee to water ratio - 1:16
Recipe - 25g coffee: 400g water

Extraction should be between 2:45 and 3:30 minutes.
Longer extraction adds unwanted bitterness (grind coarser to correct).
A shorter extraction may add too much acidity or a lack of flavor (grind finer to correct).
Use a "gooseneck" style kettle for better water flow control.
Do not pour over the sides of the cone, but rather over the coffee bed in a circular fashion for good extraction.

Weigh the coffee and set aside.
Take the Hario filter and fold at the seam.
Open and place in the v60 cone.
Make sure it is flattened against the wall.
Rinse the filter in its cone and pour water over it.
This will help the filter stick to the wall and clean the filter.
Place the cone (with filter) on the container.
Then place the whole assembly on the scale and add your ground coffee to the filter. Set the scale to zero (tare).
Start the stopwatch and gently pour 50g of water evenly over the coffee.
Stir with a teaspoon to wet all the beans, then wait 30 seconds for blooming.
Add 150g of water in a circular motion over the next 30 seconds and wait a few seconds for the water level to drop.
Finally, add the rest of the water (200g) in a circular motion and let the water run through to reach 3:00 to 3:30 minutes.

Enjoy your coffee!

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