For JUNGLE, the plunger coffee maker is a must-have for the home. It's extremely easy to use, ergonomic and economical. You'll get delicious results without the headache - perfect for those tough mornings! Here's how to make the best French press at home.

You'll need:

  1. JUNGLE coffee
  2. French press coffee maker
  3. Coffee grinder
  4. Scale

Brewing guide:

  • Product: 2 to 3 cups
  • Grind: coarse
  • Brewing time: 10 min, in two stages
  • Water temperature: 96 degrees Celsius
  • Coffee water ratio: 1:17
  • 2-cup recipe: 30g coffee to 510g water
  • Recipe 3 cups: 45g coffee for 765g water


    1. Weigh and grind the coffee.
    2. Place the piston coffee-maker on the scale and add the coffee. Then set to zero (tare).
    3. Wait for the coffee to boil, remove the kettle from the heat source and wait one minute before pouring the water into the plunger coffee maker to the desired volume.
    4. Leave to infuse for 4 minutes, then stir any coffee beans floating to the top with a spoon.
    5. Remove any remaining coffee bits from the top.
    6. Leave to brew for a further 6 minutes, until all the particles have sunk to the bottom of the pot.
    7. Place the plunger on the surface of the liquid (not all the way to the bottom, to avoid agitating the larger particles).
    8. Pour quietly into your favorite cup.
    9. Bon café.
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