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Triptych - San Ramon

Triptych - San Ramon

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We often talk to you about love. It's what drives us, what keeps us alive. Love is at the root of everything we do, and it's in this spirit that we present our triptych featuring Antonio and Sebastian Recinos.

Two cousins from a large family of producers who love coffee in a way that's hard to imagine.
imagine. They're constantly pushing the boundaries, and their inventiveness knows no bounds.

We love them dearly, and it's with great pride that we present their work to you.

Producer: Antonio & Sebatian Recinos

Country: Guatemala

Region: La Libertad, Heuheutenango

Altitude: 1400 m

Variety: Typica (San Ramon)

Process: "Lactic Honey"

Tasting notes: Wine gummies, nougat, bleu grape

FOB: 5.81$ USD/Lbs

Quantity purchased: 483 kg

This coffee underwent not one but two anaerobic fermentations in plastic bioreactors. The producers inoculated the coffee with Lachacea Spp bacteria, which produce lactic acid, hence the name "lactic honey". These bacteria are generally used in wine and beer production, particularly in the development of sour beers.

Bon café.

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